Oaxaca Brand Book
This brand identity brings new heart and passion to my home town Oaxaca, Mexico. My goal was to bring to the foreground the contribution of the women not only in my life, but in the history of Oaxaca with a combination mark, color palette, and visual theme inspired by their fashion, food, and art.
Best Friend: Cuisine Companion
Created with foodies in mind, I brought to life Yoya: your cuisine companion, and her friends. With this brand I was able to design a campaign of products that attracted home-cooks, lovers of food and a younger target market. 
Bonnie Hayes Animal
Shelter Rebrand
Located in Hillsboro, OR. Hayes animal shelter had a dark and ominous branding. I decided to bring it back to live by creating a playful and more inclusive aesthetic. The deliverables included a new combination mark, brand guidelines, color pallet, stationary, online presence, and products. 
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